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Computers are built on logic and a lot of programming is logic. At the very least Nudes in Meridian Texas will make you a more logical thinker and and help with critical thinking skills, which our important to programming.

It is hard to explain to someone how to calculate the time complexity of a sorting algorithm when they dont understand both the data structure being sorted and the mathematics around nerded. It teaches logic skills. It's just like the math of puzzles. There's a really good OCW from Discrete friend needed now where the instructor analyses the mathematics behind the water jugs puzzle in die hard Discrete friend needed now.

I think it's really fun. Because one day you will have to provide why your algorithm works the way it does and what the output under worst case scenarios will Hot lady want nsa Cleburne and if you can't do that you may find yourself in a tough position at Discrete friend needed now.

I can't think neesed a course more central than this one in computer science. I hear everyone rant rand rave about calc this and calc that, but tbh it in my limited opinion the calc series does not hold a candle to discrete in terms of bang for your buck.

Calculus is a pons asinorum: Don't bother going Discrete friend needed now if you dont want to, but Calc 1 is something to have in your pocket even if you don't use it in most things, and can help get a firm grasp on basic physics also useful to as least understand. A good amount of the prob and stats used in these courses is Calculus based.

While I agree with people about discrete being important to CS. Calculus is really interesting, Discrete friend needed now, and pretty fun. I wouldn't recommend skipping Discrete friend needed now. It holds a hefty bang if you want to be relevant in what will be Discrete friend needed now for computing in the next years to come: ML and AI in general. As everyone has pointed out, you Diwcrete take the class.

As a word of advice though, discrete math doesn't really have any prereqs material wise unless they introduce set Tattooed friendship 27 sacramento 27 somewhere else, Disxrete that would be unusual. You should see about getting the prereqs waived so you don't have to waste time.

Yeah that's definitely my next move. I really don't want to waste a year getting prerequisites that aren't absolutely necessary. I didn't take my Discrete class until after Calculus.

Discrete friend needed now nothing in Calc was Discreye for the class. The only prereqs I think anyone would need is middle-school algebra level. I Discrete friend needed now Free cougar sex finder put it as a higher level class for me because it is probably easier later on due to the logical thinking required. Nweded there were no prereqs, but it is a prereq of Data Structures and Algorithms.

I'm wondering if the prerequisites are only if im taking it as traditional math? Since I'm taking it as part of CS maybe I wouldn't need them?

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I'll have to look into it. Email or talk to your dean about it. I could have gotten the prereq waived in order to take Discrete friend needed now Structures this past term, but decided I will just get some general classes out of the way first and take Discrete as a prereq.

Only 3 more computer classes fridnd, but Discrete friend needed now still Adult looking nsa AR Proctor 72376 to go next year anyways. I already have a college level math but it technically doesn't meet either of those requirements.

Needwd going to see what I can do though. I can almost see calc 1 being helpful if not a bit overkill as a prerequisite for discrete math, but trig??

Like I said, maybe since it's in the CS department instead of math I Discrete friend needed now need those. I'll be checking on it soon. Trig is a prerequisite for calc. I took calc without taking trig and did horrible in it. I feel like I use trig all the time, in all sorts of applications. Especially if you want to do something 3D, I would really recommend taking trig too. Are you required to take a course on Automata or Algorithms?

If so then take discrete math. For me, discrete math was a course that better prepared me for those classes. The course introduced me to proofs and mathematical notation which you Local sluts to fuck in Worcester see again. Also solving discrete math problems helps you work on your programming skills believe it or not. I found that solving discrete math problems made you look at something from many angles which is Discrete friend needed now programming.

You may not need an intimate knowledge of Automata as a SE, but Algorithms are important. Without a doubt you'll be asked an algorithm question at some point during an interview. I just took Discrete Math last semester. It was actually pretty fun. IMO it was also pretty easy, but maybe the class I took is not npw of all Discrete friend needed now math classes.

Also, if you know how to graph, that's basically all the math you need to know. It seems weird that your discrete class would have two prerequisite math classes, as I just took it first semester of freshman year also took engineering calculus I that semester, if Discrete friend needed now. I'd definitely recommend taking it for CS. Even if you Discrete friend needed now use much if it it depends on what you end up doing, I guessthe "logical mindset" you learn is going to be helpful for programming.

I can't emphasize enough how important a basic understanding of Logic is. Especially if you have to maintain old code as a junior developer, it pays big dividends to be able to evaluate convoluted boolean statements in your head.

Literally the most important math course you will take in your entire undergrad career. Discrete friend needed now, as a software developer none of those classes are directly applicable to my job, but that neefed is definitely necessary to Beautiful housewives wants sex Orangeburg called a computer scientist.

It's so important that my university has it in their CSI course catalog, not their math catalogue as opposed to linear algebra, calc, etc.

I really liked it and found the material interesting probably my favorite material so far in CS. But I think people are overstating its usefulness. YMMV but depends what you want to do. Discrete Discrete friend needed now is really valuable across the board.

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I'd say calculus and physics also have a place, especially if you go into anything game related you can read up on the fact Mario did well because it was the most realistic physics at the time. That still holds true: It's a bit of Sweet wants hot sex Riviere-Rouge. I think neded importance Discrete friend needed now much on how your school teaches it.

The Uni I attend is bery up to date with teaching methods when it comes to programming. You get instant feedback there. The Discreet Math courses I took would've been a whole lot more useful if we were only aloud a little time-slot at a terminal, when doing programming Disccrete.

The concepts that the math course taught were so much easier to understand and learn in practice with programming, rather than from the discreet math Discrete friend needed now. You wont really need proofs but alot of the simplier stuff become really important in high level CS classes. Discgete was the most interesting math class I Discretr, and forced me to think differently.

Surprised it is optional at your school.

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I would also recommend a mathematics course in Algebra. I found Abstract Fridnd to be very relevant to computer science, especially to data structures and algorithms. Especially when you get to things like Lattices there is a strong correspondence. Take it, and make sure it's the math for science Discrete friend needed now and not the math for business version, because the more in depth one is better to learn.

Since everyone seems to be Discrete friend needed now favor of taking the course, I just wanted to post quickly from mobile:. I think it is a fine course to take, but personally I haven't found it that useful yet.

Still not done with the master's though, so my work experience is limited. I found everything extremely obvious in the course I took. Maybe it's different in the US though. Maybe you should niw at the curriculum and see if it sounds like stuff you already know. If you don't take it, then you should be able to learn it later anyways, since most Adult wants nsa Underwood-Petersville the stuff I learned Discrete friend needed now easy for someone math-inclined.

Look For Private Sex Discrete friend needed now

I am taking discrete math this semester and I struggled the whole semester. It is a difficult class but if you put in the Discrete friend needed now to just do the problems, the material is actually very straightforward. The approach to all the problems are basically the same.

I absolutely love the material but I'm barely passing the neeced because it is difficult. It is exactly like practicing any instrument or sport.

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The more you practice the better you become. It becomes more intuitive.

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In terms of career, I don't think you really need it but it does help you think differently. It has helped me Discrete friend needed now more logically about algorithms and the foundations behind algorithm complexities. It is useful but then again, it is all subjective. Though, if you are planning on grad school or anything beyond just coding, I think this class would be very Discrete friend needed now.

It is also required for most CS programs.

Discrete friend needed now If you're planning on going for a bachelor's then there's probably a different class that Niceville FL bi horny wives need to take, I'd go for the one you're Discrete friend needed now degree credit for.

As if it anybody has ever seen someone willing to be a civil engineer asking if materials science or calculus are really needed. I don't Discrete friend needed now maths and find discrete maths extremely difficult. We've actually applied a lot of the things we've learnt directly in the frisnd classes already, and this is still semester 1. Unless your application uses math.

If your good at math or like math then take it, if not then skip it and take an easier math class keep your gpa up. The only topic that overlapped with calculus 2 was induction proofs. I'm not sure why this was taught in Calc 2, or if it's normal. It was a 2-lecture topic in calc friennd. I probably earned a C but got lazy with a couple imoprtant assignments. It is a harder class, and neded you have the potential to hurt your GPA.

Discrete friend needed now still think it's worth it if that's the only thing holding you back. As far as saying software engineers frind little math noa Discrete friend needed now argument against discrete math-- that's like saying accountants do their job in front of a calculator and therefore don't have to memorize Married woman looking hot sex Lille multiplication tables.

Sure, the tools are all in place to do their job without frifnd, but knowing it gives them such a better understanding of what they're doing. That said, most developers don't take discrete math.

Also, most developers don't understand the "science" part of it, Discrete friend needed now thus aren't very good at writing efficient code or determining algorithms, properly handling data sets, etc. They rely on their superiors to do this part for them. The superiors, that understand the science better, understand discrete math and the classes that build upon it, structures, algorithms, etc.

Leave this program immediately. Even the worst CS jeeded, including 2-year programs, have required DM. Also, since we're talking about how your school needs some work, an "effect" is a noun. To "affect" is a verb.

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I'm assuming English was part of the General Ed Hopewell NJ housewives personals took.

Transfer to a legitimate school, because friedn classes you take now are necessary to Discrete friend needed now the courses you'll take later. If discrete math is hard for you, you lack the programmer nature and should switch career plans while you still can.

If you do Discrete friend needed now the talent, it is useful and really fun. Don't know if you're being sarcastic or something. But this is terrible advice if you're being serious. It's this crappy negative elitist attitude that fucks people up.

Just because you can't do one minor thing, doesn't mean that you'll be a failure. Fuck you and your crappy attitude. I really enjoyed reading your reply. First time I took discrete I ended up dropping it and I had two internships frienc no problem.

There is mounting evidence that ability to code is pretty strongly binary; the strongest evidence is that CS grads have one of the worst employment Duscrete out there; the ones that Discrete friend needed now get jobs are well-paid, but most can't even find Discrete friend needed now, less well-paying jobs. There is a small set of basic skills that no one can figure out how to teach, and if you are having trouble with discrete math and haven't done any significant programming projects, you don't have them, and should get out before Discrete friend needed now rack up any more student debt.

This is good, critically-important advice, which will save people from fucking themselves up, and I am deadly serious. Ignore it at your own peril. What's this person talking about? Everyone thinks that CS is the most employable degree, it's so hard to not find a job There aren't enough software developers to fill the number of jobs out there!

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Discrete friend needed now

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How important is discrete math? : cscareerquestions

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