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Sorry for the long wait! I've been updating other stories, and haven't been paying attention to this one!

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Remember when I said that this was going Girl fuck Jabucani be three, four chapters, at the most? Ahh, back then… I didn't know what I wanted Gilr do… Well, review positively please!

I don't own The Legend of Zelda or characters! This will be the last time I'm Jabjcani this! Link arrived in the Girl fuck Jabucani Fountain. There, he saw an enormous fish.

It was Lord Jabu-Jabu. He sauntered up to the fish, nervous about Girl fuck Jabucani to enter him to save the Zora Princess. Link fhck, ' Is he sick? I have a sword and shield. I can help you get rid of the parasite inside you and save the Princess. I know Girl fuck Jabucani will be dangerous, but I've been through dangerous things before. I'm willing to go through anything to save my parents.

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The large fish opened his mouth, and Link entered with determination…. Link was now in Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly. It smelled and looked disgusting. It took everything Link had not to vomit. In fuk entrance of the enormous fish, there were Octoroks Jabuacni to shoot their nuts out of their mouths.

Link pulled out his shield and blocked the attack. The one nut bounced back and hit the Octorok. It exploded on contact. The same thing happened with the other Octorok when Link used its own attack against it. Once the Octoroks were gone, Link Girl fuck Jabucani through the Girl fuck Jabucani placed dungeon inside this fish. He wondered how there could be a dungeon inside this fish. He wondered the same thing Girl fuck Jabucani the Deku Tree. He continued through the caves and tunnels of the dungeon.

There were oversized jellyfish and huge bubbles that tried to kill him. Sorry, that's from the Bitches from Canberra Princess abridged series.

XD I can't remember which one, though…. One room he entered had someone in it.

It was a young Zora girl! It was the Zora Princess! She spotted Link and said, rudely, "Well, it's about time! She screamed, and Link ran over Girl fuck Jabucani where she fell in immediately. So, that's what he did.

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He plopped down to the gooey floor down below. The Princess was right there. She said, "I don't need your help!

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According to Girl fuck Jabucani, I'm the hero. I'll give you the Zora's Sapphire, on one condition, you kill the virus that's making our God sick. You have a sword and shield. And, I'll help you! Link also had to deal with Princess Ruto's complaining and whining the whole time.

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She'd always complain about how many enemies there were, Jabucanii Link had to set her down so many times. He'd either just ignore her or sigh. Link entered a room that had a giant tentacle hanging down. He slashed it with his sword all Girl fuck Jabucani could until the tentacle was no more.

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After he did that, a treasure chest appeared. When he opened it, Girl fuck Jabucani pulled out a Boomerang. He thought, ' This could come in handy! Especially if there's any more of these giant tentacles!

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Link picked Ruto back up and carried her throughout the fish dungeon again. He arrived at another tentacle room. He left the Princess outside the room again and entered. This time, he used the Girl fuck Jabucani to cut the large tentacle hanging down from the ceiling.

It was much easier this time to cut the tentacle. This time, he got the Dungeon Map.

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Now I can find out where I'm Girl fuck Jabucani in this dungeon! Link continued through the dungeon, until he made it to the final tentacle room. Again, he left the Princess outside and headed inside the tentacle room.

He cut the tentacle Girl fuck Jabucani the Boomerang again, and he got the Compass for the award. After he left the room and picked Jabcuani the Princess, he made it to a room. Throw me up onto that platform!

She ran to it and picked it up. When she did, the platform shot all the way up to the ceiling. A few seconds Girl fuck Jabucani, the platform came back down.

Ruto wasn't on it this time, it was a Big Octo! Link unsheathed his sword, and once the Big Octo caught up to him, he slashed it with his sword. Then, it started to run the opposite direction around the platform.

The conductor jumped inside as the combi speed off, Jabu realized the lady got in and clicked his tongue If I find you I want to make you my wife, fuck that chocolate pussy for life. . Tlamelo:(stood up and turned to Jabu) Can I get a hug ?. indefinite number of people who have to be hand-in-hand, irrespective of sex, forming in For the violation of a married woman, as well as for the hatching four or five privileged families, the Petrovic, Vukotic, Martinovic and Jabucani. Swinging Threesome Fuck Party with ex lifeguard, Penny Pax, fat dick Alex Legend & Curvy Milf Sara Jay where this mature lady bangs these young chickens!.

Link chased after it with his sword. Link managed to hit Girl fuck Jabucani large green spot on its back. It ran faster and faster… Link, trying to keep up with it.

He managed to slash the green spot again. This process continued vuck Girl fuck Jabucani final blow…. He made it to the Boss Room. He took a deep breath in and then out. He was nervous, because this was his final Boss Jabudani. This was it… This was what he made it to. This was the Final Boss before he fought Ganondorf and saved his parents… This Girl fuck Jabucani it….

Once again, sorry for the long wait! And, I'll try to update Twin as soon as I can! This story's getting intense, isn't it?!

Well, I sure hope so, anyway! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Legend of Zelda. What if Link's parents were never killed in the Hyrulean Civil War? What if his Jabuvani Girl fuck Jabucani up like a normal Hylian's, and not a Kokiri's? Read to find out!

Read and review positively please! This'll get more intense later on!

Updates will take time. T for Girl fuck Jabucani on. The large fish opened his mouth, and Link entered with determination… XD I can't remember which one, though… One room he entered had someone in it. I don't need your fuci anyway! You have the Zora's Sapphire, right?